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Enchanted Kingdom Links

Enchanted Kingdom Homepage
Potions (Our Favorite Recipes)
recipes created in The Enchanted Kingdom
The Dragon
our story
Knights and Ladies
famous people with IDDM
tips on restaurant eating
Our Castle
daily life with diabetes
traveling with diabetes
The Sword
the tools to fight
write to the Royal Family


Links to Diabetes Sites


Diabetes Site Links

Dr. Joe
offers a daily tip, comment, and info
Starbright Foundation
has a wonderful computer game that they will send free to any child with diabetes. It does a great job helping a child understand what is happening in their body and appropriate ways to react.
Children With Diabetes
has pages regarding many aspects of children with diabetes. Also has a weekly newsletter.
Joslin Diabetes Online Learning Center
take classes immediately on the web. Currently featuring "Your Diabetes: Planning Your Course"
Online Discussion for Teens, Parents
exchange questions, thoughts, and ideas with others living with diabetes
offers nutritional analysis for menu items from several restaurants
offers nutritional analysis for menu items from several restaurants
ADA Site to Healthy Restaurant Eating
tips from the American Diabetes Association for healthy restaurant eating.
Pump Wear Inc.
insulin pump cases for children
Grandma Sandy
grandmother of a child with diabetes created this website and provides books, games, and a chat for other grandparents of children with diabetes
backpack/shoulder bag with many compartments for all your supplies