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The Sword

The Tools To Fight

The best weapon that you have in your battle to "slay the dragon" is a good medical team. Nothing can replace the caring and knowledge of that group of people. We have been blessed with a doctor who understands the child's and the parent's points of views and needs. He is always able to give us new information to work with and keeps our education ongoing.

The glucometer is a wonderful tool.

The weapon that I am currently using to "slay the dragon" is the insulin pump. I began pumping a little over a year ago.

It is not a cure.

It has made things a lot easier and my control has improved.

I can now eat as much or as little as I want (that's important to a growing boy!). And, I don't have to eat on a strict schedule (that's important to a working mom!). I can now have a snack at boy scout meetings, parties at school, or other after school gatherings without worrying about it not being on my schedule.

It doesn't get in my way when I play basketball, baseball, or go skiing. I never notice it when I'm rough-housing, either.

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