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Daily Life With Diabetes

Diabetes and school is hard.

In the mornings if my blood glucose is not in range before breakfast sometimes I have to wait and eat in the car on the way there.

Every day around 10:30 I test my blood glucose to start getting ready for lunch. While I'm in the office doing that, I miss some of my math class.

During lunch I have to figure out how much insulin I need by adding together my carbs and dividing it out. Depending on if I've had ski practice the day before is depending on the amount I divide by.

On the days that I have ski practice, I have to test around 2:00 and lower my basal rate. I test again before I go on the trails and adjust my insulin or eat a snack as needed. On the trails I usually drink some Gatorade to prevent going low.

Parties at school are easier since I went on the insulin pump. After a school party, I am now often in range! Plus, It's more fun not planning what I'm going to eat.

There's a lot of math involved with diabetes. Being away from my Mom and Dad (like when I'm at school or practice) means that I have to do it all myself.

Write to us. I'd love to hear what school's like for you.